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By laszlocsaba 8 years ago

The design

The design process starts with a great deal of talking; this is the key for me to get to know you – your taste in design, your lifestyle, your needs and your possibilities. We will have several conversations about sensing and experiencing spaces. I will probably ask you to step back in your imagination a few times and try to see the big picture in order for us to get back to details again. I will have countless ideas and sketches with me and we will visit many stores and shops, all offering stuff that you might like. There is a chance that you will arrive with wild dreams which need to be organized, it also might happen that you don’t have anything specific in your mind yet – in this case we will build up the concept and the mood of your apartment together. During our work I will learn to think with your mind and see with your eyes, so you won’t need to worry about the construction works later on or the billions of decisions to make either. I know your time is precious so I won’t take long – if you are busy with work or travelling abroad during our design process, we will manage as much as possible of our conversation online and we will only need to meet in person in really important cases.


You might want to consider the scaling of the requested work. If you just want advice or counseling, then a few meetings should be enough for you to continue independently with the planning and the construction work. If you rather gave these tasks to me to execute instead of doing it on your own, you will still be able to decide everything throughout the whole process, the only difference will be me there to help you with everything.

I will ask important questions, I will give multiple alternatives for every upcoming situation, I will manage all buying tasks and I will also supervise the construction on-site, representing your interest. I will constantly encourage you to make the best value decisions and the budget calculations will be always there for you to check on. Having an overall estimate of our project, we will be able to handle each financial question in a down-to-earth manner.

Construction work is a well-known cause of stress, the pressure around the timing and financials can result in either continuous conflicts or unwanted compromises. Apart from these circumstances I think the realization is one of the most exciting segments of the design, so I want to share as much of its good parts as I can with those who I work with. It’s awesome to see our ideas materialize so I don’t really mind quarreling with constructors and craftsmen if we are able to create something valuable together. I rather consider these stresses to be a challenge in achieving a unique and lovable outcome from all the limitations and problems that need to be solved. This is why I will try to coach you and predict risks and difficulties that we might need to face later on (every project has some surprises), this way I hope to make our work together more and more delightful.

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